Collaboration on Canvas Workshops

Ultimately the corporate collaboration workshops are informed by the collaboration on canvas paintings that we've been facilitating in non-profits since 2013.  All corporate collaborations support these non-profits by donating 20% of the fee directly back to these non-profits.

The Collaboration on Canvas workshop creates a compelling opportunity for you to use art to foster collaboration within your company. The workshop creates a safe environment for personal expression but also encourages your team to value each other's contributions.

The professionally managed workshop is as much about the process as the final product.  No artistic skills are required! Each session, typically lasting 1-1/2 to 3 hours and guided by a trained facilitator, will take your team through an interactive experience with verbal and non-verbal communication.  

We start with a blank white canvas and black paint.  Over the course of the sessions, participants build and layer upon the imagery from the other participants.  Our process provides a unique platform to make an individual statement but also enables people to be part of the bigger picture--working together side by side.

The end result is a rich shared experience that will strengthen and unify your team in the same way that the different colors and shapes in the final painting form a unified image. You will have an original painting that will provide your team with a visual reinforcement of the event. 

Each workshop is custom-designed with the client to include company goals and objectives.

20% of each corporate collaboration fee is donated to the non-profits that support the people who have been instrumental in the development of Collaboration on Canvas.

"This unique Collaboration on Canvas workshop was a fun and effective team-building experience. Everyone was actively involved and the process reinforced the collaborative culture we foster at our company. The painting proudly hangs in our corporate office." 

Scot Cocanour, CEO Promium