Non Profit 
Collaboration on Canvas workshop

These professionally managed workshops are as much about the process as the final product.  Each painting, guided by a facilitator, can evolve over numerous sessions that can span days, weeks, or even months depending on your needs.

We start with a blank white canvas and black paint.  Over the course of numerous sessions, participants build and layer upon each other's imagery.  The process of working side by side and in collaboration is an opportunity for growth and connection.

Ask about the variety of ways that a Collaboration on Canvas can be utilized (i.e. auction*, public display, printed product).

*When a painting is sold at an auction, all proceeds go directly to the nonprofit that created the artwork. 

Workshop Process:

1. Site interview to determine fit and purpose

2. Coordination of time and space to create

3. Invite participants

4. Encourage imagination and participation

5. Finished piece shared and discussed

6. Finished artwork displayed- TBD

What is included:
  • Trained facilitators.

  • 8-12 Weekly opportunities
    of 1 ½ - 2 hours each.

  • Canvas (48”x48” +).

  • Acrylic Paint and other supplies.

  • Finished canvas.

  • Small prints for each participant.

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Past participants have included: