We can create change
  • We understand that art making is soothing, comforting, healing.

  • We provide an opportunity in the simple process of creating.

  • We encourage inclusion as a group collaborates.

  • We work together: elbow to elbow.

  • We extend an invitation to participate; to be included to be welcomed.

  • We honor the unfolding visual beauty.

  • We believe the process is relaxing and meditative.

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We can bring awareness
  • We allow others to be seen, be honored, be heard.

  • We honor participation and a choice to engage.

  • We listen to stories, to gain insight.

  • We express compassion.

  • We see each person as someone's child, mother, father, sister, brother, friend.

We have an opportunity

  • We can give back (thru an auction or product)

  • We help produce paintings that are dynamic, large and vivid

  • We can transform  Judgement into compassion, care and openness

  • We can gain an understanding of other people's stories

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